10 NPA surrender to PNP and PA with their firearms
10 NPA surrender to PNP and PA with their firearms

PRO 12 Regional Director PCSUPT ELISEO TAM RASCO welcomed the surrender of Ten (10) NPA members of Platoon Samsung, Guerilla Front 73 under Commander Billy at 1204th Company in Nalus, Kiamba, Sarangani at 5:00 A.M. of November 23, 2018.

The rebel returnees surrendered along with their assorted long and short firearms to the elements of 1204th Mobile Force Company lead by Company Commander Police Senior Inspector Paulino B Asirit Jr under PSUPT BARNEY PEDROSO CONDES Force Commander of Regional Mobile Force Battalion 12 (RMFB 12) who eventually turned-over said firearms to the Regional Director.

Surrendered rebels were Timan Cagal @ Tagal 36; Sidman Labi @ Fetok 54; Lorena Ulon @ Kristine 18; Lysin Mantang @ Seven/Ben 18; Sammy Nubon @ Glem 29; June Teya Tata @ Mando; Joaquin Mabol Mantang @ Espada 37; Michael Tataw @ George 19; Kristina Tasig Dodim @ Jastin 36; and Bonie Milayaw Dodim @ Jack.

“This is the result of PNP and AFP Internal Security Operations (ISO) in the hinterlands of Upper Valley of municipalities of Lake Sebu, T’Boli, Surallah in South Cotabato Province, and MAKIMA (Maasim, Kiamba, Maitum) in Sarangani, the toll of running away and of fear for their lives is what moved them to return in the folds of law. In addition, the gains of the E-CLIP (Enhanced-Comprehensive Local Intervention Program), a program under the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) and Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) which provide assistance to the former rebels for their reintegration in society contributed also to their change of heart,” said RD RASCO.

“The Localize Peace Process also is of great help as we are able to communicate directly to the NPA at our level, unlike the old days where the communication is only limited to their head Joma Sison and the Government Peace Panel”, further he said.

Surrendered firearms were: one (1) unit Garand rifle w/ serial NO. 224866; one (1) unit M14 rifle with serial no. 110874; one (1) pc magazine loaded w/ five (5) rounds live ammos; two (2) units fragmentation hand grenade; one (1) unit M14 rifle w/ serial no. 2867788; one (1) pc magazine loaded w/ six (6) rounds live ammos; one (1) unit rifle grenade; one (1) unit M79 grenade launcher tube w/ two (2) live ammos; one (1) unit M79 rifle & two (2) live ammos; one (1) unit 12 gauge Browning Shot Gun & one (1) live ammos; one (1) unit of Garrand rifle with serial no.2487510 & twenty three (23) live ammos, four magazine clips, and one (1) black issued t-shirt; one (1) unit of M-1 Garand w/ serial no. D26287-125A; sixteen (16) live ammunition, six magazine clip, one (1) hand grenade and subversive documents.

Apart from the abovementioned surrendered firearms to PRO 12, the 1002ND Brigade, Philippine Army, has also received and accounted a total of seventeen (17) long firearms surrendered by NPA members of which twelve (12) were surrendered by alias Amahan, a rebel returnee, to 39 IB PA, and the five (5) others were recently recovered by 27th IB during an encounter against NPAs on November 7, 2018 in Klubi, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

The peaceful and voluntary surrender of the returnees will lessen the loss of life and blood-spilling since President Duterte is very sincere in helping them and those who want to go back to the government, livelihood programs and other means to secure their living condition under E-CLIP await them.

Through the safe and successful surrender of these 10 NPA members, RD PRO 12 encouraged those who are still in hiding to come out and coordinate with the authorities to facilitate their surrender. He assured them that they will be treated fairly as what their comrades experienced. With the help of other government agencies livelihood programs and all incentives that they are entitled to under E-CLIP program will be given to them.

RD RASCO further said that the returnees made the right decision and will soon become instruments of peace in the country. (###PO1 Allan C Navarro-RPIO12 PNCO###)