23IB encounters NPA, recovers High Powered Firearms

23rd Infantry “Masigasig” battalion encountered more or less fifteen (15) CPP-NPA Terrorists (CNTs) in vicinity Barangay Valentina, Esperanza, Agusan del Sur on October 10, 2018 at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

The troops of 23IB responded to the reports of concerned civilian residents regarding the presence of CPP-NPA Terrorists (CNTs) in their barangay.

23rd Infantry Battalion under LTC Francisco L Molina Jr, immediately sent out troops to conduct security patrol in the area. The said troops encountered around fifteen (15) fully-armed CNTs who were believed to be members of Guerilla Front 88, NCRMC.

The firefight lasted for about fifteen (15) minutes. After which, the enemies hastily scampered in different directions leaving behind heavy traces bloodstains which indicate that CNT members suffered severe wounds during the encounter.

After scouring the encounter site, the government troops recovered one (1) AK47 Rifle, one (1) M4 Rifle, six (6) magazines of AK47 Rifle, two (2) hand grenades, two (2) rifle grenades, several rounds of ammunition for M14 and AK47 rifle, two (2) bandoleer, one (1) Handheld radio, several identification cards, seven (7) backpacks containing assorted medicines and medical supplies, and CNT subversive documents.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Francisco L Molina Jr, Commanding Officer, 23IB expressed his gratitude to the concerned citizens who provided positive and timely information about the presence of NPA.

“Through the cooperation of the civilian stakeholders, we can easily thwart the hostile plans of the CNTs in the community. This only means that the residents of the said barangay are already tired from the lies and deception of the CNTs. Their extortion activities were already too much burden to the people that prompted them to report immediately the presence of armed group.”

“ We, in the AFP, cannot solve the armed conflict alone. We need the cooperation of every peace-loving stakeholders to actively report to us the whereabouts of the enemies. We also encourage the CNT members stop being used by their leaders who spend extravagant lives in mansions and cool places. They must abandon armed struggle and go back to the folds of the government, live a peaceful life together with their families and loved ones. Our government is open to help you.” Ltc Molina Jr added.