An entire unit of the CPP-NPA yields to 75IB and 26IB in Agusan del Sur

An entire unit of the CPP-NPAs Guerilla Front 3 (GF3), Southern Mindanao Regional Committee (SMRC) returned to the folds of the government through the 75th Infantry Battalion and 26th Infantry Battalion in Agusan del Sur a night before the CPP-NPA’s anniversary on December 26, 2018.

Joint operatives of 75IB under Lieutenant Colonel Jaime R Datuin and 26IB under Lieutenant Colonel Romeo Jimenea facilitated the return 19 NPAs to the government at around 10 PM Tuesday night in Loreto, Agusan Del Sur

The said NPA unit composed of 19 personalities was headed by aka Boss the CO of GF3. Aka Boss brought with him his sub-unit leader aka SK, CO of Platoon Basil and aka Sniper, CO of Platoon Andoy. The surrenderees brought with them a total of 14 firearms. (Nine high powered and five low powered). They also surrendered several magazines, 3 commercial icom radios and more than 1300 ammunitions. Following are the surrendered firearms.

3 M16 rifles
3 M16 Bushmaster rifles
1 M653 rifle w/ scope
1 M14 rifle
1 M203 Grenade Launcher
1 Carbine rifle
3 Cal .45 Colt
1 Cal .38 pistol
1 hand grenade
1 rifle grenade

According to Brigadier General Andres C Centino, the 19 members of the GF3 through their leader identified as Mark also known as Boss initially sent their intention to surrender because they can no longer endure the corruption inside the CPP-NPA. They also realized that instead of helping the masses the NPA became extortionists and murderers already that destroys private property and kill innocent civilians. Other members said that they can no longer endure the hardship in the mountains due to the sustain operations of the military.

“The surrender of the entire GF3 in time for the CPP anniversary shows that more NPA members are now heading to the call of the government for peace. We welcome the returned of these former NPA members to the folds of the government. It is right time so they can be with their families this yuletide season. Based on the revelation of the CO of GF3 himself, we expect that more CPP-NPA members will return to the folds of the law on the coming days”, said BGen Centino.