Bohol enjoys 13.26% dip in crime volume

Police Camp Francisco Dagohoy reports a 13.26% decrease in crime volume in Bohol from January to November of this year compared to that of 2017.

During the joint meetings of the Provincial Peace and Order and Anti Drug Abuse Council at the Governor’s Mansion Conference Hall, December 19, 2018, Camp Dagohoy Operations Chief, Police Superintendent Lorenzo Batuan said from 7,147 in 2017, total crime volume in Bohol dipped to 6,199, a decrease that translates to 948 cases.

Supt Batuan rendered the monthly crime tracking report in front of the two council members and guests, lieu of PSSupt. Angeles Genorga.

From 2,329 index crimes in 2017, by more coordinated and managed anti-crime operations, Bohol Police force successfully trimmed off crime incidence to 1,642: a laudable 29.50% decline.

In non index crimes, which according to the operations officer, is comprised of traffic related incidents, crimes punishable by special laws and other non index crimes, from 4,818, the total incidence slid off 5.42% to 4,557 incidents.

With theft leading the crimes incidences in 2017 at 941 cases until October, SEMPO implementation and the previous Oplan Sita, opportunities lessened for the criminal elements thereby bringing down the incidents to 681; law enforcers nailing a 28% decrease in incidences.

With traffic related incidents high in Bohol, improved police presence in the streets and stricter implementation of traffic laws and related issuances including local ordinances drastically pulled down incidences of physical injuries in the comparative for two years: from 672 to just 520, Batuan said.

The biggest decrease in crime incidents however was noted in robbery, when from 431 cases in 2017, forced taking of things and other people’s properties dipped to a record breaking 48% to 223 cases.

Over all, index crime trend monitoring showed that in the past months, Camp Dagohoy and its municipal police units scored a 29.50% decrease in focused crimes.

As to non-index crimes, a slight increase in crimes against special laws with the continued and more improved anti-drugs drive proved to produce more results in supply and demand reduction in illegal drugs, to the sacrifice of non-index crime decrease trend which only recorded a 5% decrease, Batuan, who also is a full fledged special weapons and tactics operative pointed out.

Over the two years, Bohol’s average monthly crime rate still pegged a diminishing trend with 42.17 cases in every 1,300,000 population to just 40.87.

As to average monthly index crime rate, in 2017, Bohol scored a 15.35 incidents while this went down to 10.82 incidents this year or at least until November, he added.

In December, according to Batuan, Camp Dagohoy has already implemented police presence in places of worship and expects even lessened crime incidents there.

Authorities however urged residents to make sure their homes are locked and well protected when the owners go on vacation or leave their houses for the church. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)