CPP uses NGO donations to fund NPA

Socialist groups based in Europe are funneling funds to the Communist Party of the Philippines, which in turn finance the armed revolution wages by the New People’s Army (NPA) against the government.

The allegation comes from the Armed Forces the Philippines (AFP) assistant deputy chief of staff for operations.

Brigadier General Antonio Parlade Jr. said the CPP’s “international solidarity works” is centered in Europe because it is the bastion of the socialist organizations that they can solicit funding from.

He said that the communist group is taking advantage of CPP founding chair Jose Maria Sison’s influence with various European NGO.

Parlade alleged that the financial aids they receive that are intended for non-government organizations (NGO) end up with the NPA.

“Let me emphasize that they (CPP) are very influential there because Joma Sison is the head of the International League of People’s Struggle in Europe. This is an organization of socialist organizations in Europe,” Parlade said.

“This is one way for them to generate funds,” he added.

There was an instance where the CPP received 620,000 euros (about P31 million) for a Bukidnon based NGO involved in the “Healing the Hurt” program.

“But the money was diverted to the guerrilla base. These funds are being used to establish schools where they (CPP-NPA) teach children about violence,” Parlade said.

The military estimates that of all the funds solicited by the CPP from their European donors, 40 percent go to the CPP-Central Committee.