Foreign Armed Forces Attachés strengthens diplomatic ties with the Philippine Army

To strengthen diplomatic ties with the Philippine Army, members of the Foreign Armed Forces Attaches (FAFA) Corps paid a collective courtesy call to the Army Chief, Lieutenant General Macairog S. Alberto here today, Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Foreign Armed Forces Attachés to the Philippines from Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, United States, Vietnam Turkey and Germany were all present.

Defense attachés are military experts attached to a diplomatic mission. They are normally high-ranking military officers who work for defense and military related matters in behalf of their state with foreign governments.

Essentially, the activity was an offshoot of the assumption of Lt.Gen. Alberto of the Philippine Army last October 15, in which, it is customary for all the defense attachés to render a courtesy call to the new Chief. During the call, the CGPA, together with his key staffs exchanged pleasantries and engaged with some discussions with the members of the defense attaches. The event served as a venue for everyone to personally get acquainted and enhanced further understanding and camaraderie.

In his message, CGPA expressed his appreciation to the group. He told that diplomacy is a vital component to Landpower Maneuver Concept, not only as a means to strengthen relationship and ensure peace and stability in the region, but also as a means for everyone to work together in addressing various emerging security and non-traditional challenges.

Further, he emphasized that through continuous collaboration and security engagements, it provided the organization a global perspective and exposure to new technologies and systems, modern and sophisticated solutions to its needs and most importantly, it leads to the sharing of new skills and knowledge, thereby strengthening interoperability and friendship.

“Seeing all of you in person here today makes me feel more motivated, not only to serve my country and people as the Commanding General, but also to work with your respective countries. Through this, we strengthen each other’s capabilities so that we can better fulfill our commitment to the security of our nations,” CGPA added.

The Philippine Army values its diplomatic ties with its military counterparts across the globe and its significance in pursuit of attaining security and stability in the region.