Gallery of “Ipit Gang”

Holiday season is fast approaching, how many still fall victim to this modus. The Ipit Gang usually operates by casually ganging up on an innocent person, with one accomplice stealing the victim’s valuables while the other create distractions for the victim and bystanders.

This gallery was posted for the frontliners to be aware of their faces. These group operates in LRTs, MRT and also targeting bus commutters along EDSA NB and SB and along the stretch of Buendia, Makati.

Some of them have already apprehended by the Makati City Police Station and charged in Court for Theft. Since the crime committed is bailable, they were released from detention and continued with their illegal activities.

The group is being protected by a certain PO1 Tamondog, formerly assigned Makati City Police Station. The leader of the group was arrested by Makati PNP during police operation by virtue of four (4) Warrant of Arrest issued by different Courts within NCR for a crime of Theft.### (ACOPO Makati CPS)