Illegal drugs a global concern, UN sec gen claims

Illegal drugs has become a global concern that needs to be addressed, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres claimed.

This claim echoes what President Rodrigo Duterte has been saying when he waged war against illegal drugs.

According to UN reports 450,000 people daily die from drug overdose and other drug-relates issues.

The same report cites that 31 million people are hooked on illegal drugs and in need of drug addiction treatment.

The global production of opium and cocaine “has never been higher (than today),” Guterres said.

Guterres stressed that illegal drugs has caused destruction in societies “that is why there is a need for a worldwide action” against the problem.

Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Cayetano said he is “very happy” with the the UN secretary general’s statement.

“His statement is a confirmation of what our president (Rodrigo Duterte) has been telling the whole world again and again— That (illegal) drugs is a problem for everyone,” Cayetano said.

“More and more world leaders are recognizing how huge the problem of illegal drugs is. And this is just a confirmation, a reiteration of what our president is saying all along,” he added.