Implementation of preemptive measures against NPA ordered

Police Chief Superintendent John C. Bulalacao, Regional Director of the Western Visayas Police has ordered his troops to quash the New People’s Army’s (NPA) and prevent them from sowing terror in the island.

This order came after the NPA was tagged in the mass killing in a farm in Sagay City that took the lives of nine farmers.

The nine farmers were fired upon and killed by suspected NPA members.

The NPA is also believed to have planned “Oplan Bungkalan at Okupasyon” to occupy private and government properties using their mass base.

To pre-empt this Bulalacao has ordered all field commanders within the region to exert effort prevent this from happening.

“Let’s coordinate with our counterparts from the AFP and other agencies so as to ensure that similar incidents will not happen again. We should use all our resources so as to stop them in doing their evil plans in Western Visayas,” Bulalacao said.