Karapatan forcibly took 14-year old eyewitness in Sagay shooting incident

The 14-year old vital witness in the Sagay shooting incident was forcibly taken by the left-leaning group Karapatan after his father agreed to put him under the custody of the DSWD-Sagay City to undergo psychological and traumatic debriefing.

The vital witness which is also the survivor in Sagay incident was turned over by the Philippine National police to DSWD-Sagay. The Father, PNP, CHR-Negros and DSWD-Sagay agreed that the witness should be put under the custody of the latter to be provided with proper emotional and psychological support.

On the other hand, Karapatan came with the “bogus” individuals who introduced themselves as the witness’ grandparents. They wanted to take the witness but the father did not even know them.

Due to failed attempt, Karapatan further took desperate action by using the mother of the witness and take him from the protective custody of DSWD and local police.

This desperate move of Karapatan leaves us a big question of what could be their motives and intentions.

Despite this, rest assured that your Army and PNP along with other law enforcement agencies will not allow this incident to hamper the investigation process. We will make sure to come up with impartial and credible result, put the perpetrators behind bars and that justice will be served.