Mayor Sara Duterte calls ACT-Davao liars and terrorists

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte called the local Alliance of Concerned Teacher (ACT) group “terrorists and liars” as she refuted their claim that the Davao City government did not provide local public school teachers with subsidy and support.

The mayor posted on her Instagram account Monday that the city gave them gift checks worth P2,000 in 2016 and 2017 and that she can provide copies of the budget, pictures of the distribution, and liquidation with all their signatures.

“Pahirapan pa nga ang magpa approve ng grant ninyo at kami pa ang nasa alanganin and you have the temerity to lie,” Duterte said.

In its October 6 social media post ACT-Davao City accused Davao of not providing public school workers with support unlike in other cities in the country. The post cited the cities and the corresponding amount of their support.

“Kung pwede lang sane kayo iexpel outside of Davao City,” Duterte said.

ACT-Davao City president has apologized to the mayor for their social media post and said the that they are thankful for the gift checks.

He claimed that there was miscommunication between her and the group and they were referring to “cash allowances” and not gift checks.

Duterte questioned the group’s sincerity saying she had waited for their proposal.

“Yet you always keep missing opportunities for unity, because you are never sincere,” she said.

On October 1, the mayor told ACT to submit another proposal that is “reasonable, acceptable, and doable.”

“To allot P34,000 per year per DepEd (Department of Education) employee is impossible for the City Government of Davao,” she said.

Pardillo said they submitted their proposal to Duterte on October 5. He said they had lowered their demand for a monthly allowance from P2,000 to P1,500 and quarterly rice subsidy from P2,500 to a half sack.

He said they appreciated the mayor’s statement to lobby for the salary increase of teachers in Congress.

Duterte said the DepEd must dismiss “terrorists from their ranks.”

“How ironic for government to pay public money to people who work against the government. Congress should expel the members of Makabayan bloc, the Partylist system is the milking cow of terrorists,” she said.

Duterte also attacked the National Telecommunications Commission for giving a permit to Radyo ni Juan which aired these allegations against the city government.