NCRPO chief wants Chinese woman in MRT incident deported

Director Guillermo Eleazar, head of National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), on Sunday said he would recommend that the Chinese woman who assaulted a policeman assigned at the Metro Rail Transit’s (MRT) Boni Avenue station in Mandaluyong City be declared as undesirable alien.

The recommendation of Eleazar came after Jiale Zhang, 23, a student residing in said city, threw “taho” (soy pudding) at Police Officer 1 William Cristobal after he stopped her from entering the station on Saturday.

The woman has undergone booking procedures prior to inquest proceedings for the case of direct assault and disobedience to an agent of authority.

“After filing of case against Zhang, we will recommend for her to be considered as an ‘undesirable alien’ and it will be the basis of the Bureau of Immigration to process her deportation. This not only applies to her but to everyone. Anyone of us who is here, such action will have a corresponding action that our police must do,” Eleazar said in message sent to reporters.

“We have policies here, when we are in other countries, we also follow their existing rules and law. Kaya kung nasa local at foreign country tayo sundin natin ang batas na pinapatupad naman ng kapulisan. Respetuhin natin ang ating kapulisan (No matter where we are, here or abroad, we should follow the law. Respect our police force),” he added.

Eleazar also commended Cristobal for displaying the highest standard of state of discipline in managing the incident.

The NCRPO chief said earlier he recommended the strict implementation of the “No Foods, No Drinks Allowed” policy at the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and MRT as a preventive measure against any terror attack using liquid bombs.

“We are just recommending proactive and precautionary measures based on the specific guidelines, it’s up to the agency concerned, the DoTr (Department of Transportation), MRT and LRT management, to include lahat pati exemptions. Maybe upon assessment and study, they will consider our recommendation. That’s why they issued circular, and to implement. Then we will support the MRT and LRT in its security,” he said.

“I ask the understanding and cooperation of the public in our law enforcement be it police or other agents of person in authority. No one is above the law. Rest assured we will remain dedicated and committed in the strict implementation of our policy and existing laws of the land especially in the adherence to human rights,” he added.

Department of Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra, for his part, said they will study the NCRPO chief’s recommendation on the Chinese woman.

“Let’s look more deeply at what really happened. I’m not quick to judge people. Any punishment should always be commensurate to the gravity (or lack of it) of the offense committed,” Guevarra said in a text message sent to the Philippine News Agency when sought for a comment.

The BI is one of the attached agencies of the DOJ. (PNA/Christopher Lloyd Caliwan)