NPA willing to kill its own fighters & sympathizers

Killing their comrades and supporters is very common to the communist New People’s Army (NPA). No less than a former high-ranking member of the terrorist organization based in Mindanao whose name was withheld for security purposes has unveiled to the military.

The former Regional Deputy Secretary of the NPA said, “It is not a modus operandi or action plan, it is one of the doctrines of the (late Chinese communist leader) Mao Zedong who declared human sacrifices were necessary and justified.” The NPA ideology was based on teachings and beliefs of known communists like: Mao Zedong, Karl Marx, Lenin and etc.

The rebel returnee also revealed that “During the NPA recruitment stage, the same doctrine is instilled in the minds of new recruits which can be found in pages 9, 10 and 47 of the Araling Aktibista (ARAK) of the Communist NPA. These pages cited the teaching of honoring those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the movement. The same manual quoted Mao’s speech where he honored Chang Zu-teh, saying “All people will surely die but death can mean differently. Dying for the sake of the citizenry is mightier than a mountain Tay. Even if we have limitations, it should not bother us because we are serving the citizenry.”

But the painful truth here is that the aforementioned doctrine is merely part of the NPA’s deceptive propaganda designed to mislead the people particularly their potential recruits. Aside from the indoctrination of sacrificing their own lives for the advancement of the bloody and senseless armed struggle, without their knowledge, these members also served as “sacrificial lamb” wherein they will be intentionally killed by their comrades to gain sympathy and support from the marginalized and vulnerable sectors.

Evident to this is the Sagay shooting incident wherein 9 sugarcane farmers who occupied a piece of land at Hacienda Nene in Barangay Bulanon were mercilessly killed by the NPAs. As always, they immediately pointed their dirty fingers to the government forces to cover up their crime. Despite their attempt to disrupt the investigation process, the eyewitness’ statement strongly affirmed their involvement in the said incident and that the victims were just used as sacrificial lamb to advance their selfish and fruitless armed movement.

Those who were deceived by these false ideology and teachings were the first victims of the CPP-NPA. They fight for a dead and senseless creed after being promised of justice and improved life when truth is this terrorist organization is what’s causing havoc to the community. After decades of failed armed struggle, they acquired nothing but death and despair.