Reds planning December plot against the government

Despite is “Red October” plot failure, the communist rebels are again planning a destabilization attempt that is set to launch in December the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) revealed.

The military said the red groups found it more convenient to launch in December, when Filipinos observe their month-long Christmas celebration.

Brig. Gen. Edgardo Arevalo, AFP spokesman, said that while the military had thwarted the “Red October” plan through media that discouraged the legitimate opposition forces from joining, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) will mark its founding anniversary in December with a higher goal.

“We call that a rolling plan. (It) wants a grandiose celebration of (its) 50th anniversary in December,” said Arevalo. “The Red October plan may have failed but this does not mean that we can relax and let our guard down.”

He added that the military is keeping up intelligence and combat operations against the communist rebels and they will also reach out to universities to ensure that they are not used by rebels as recruitment grounds for students.

The CPP earlier denied the ouster plot, which it likened to claims of a Maoist rebellion in 1972, which then President Ferdinand Marcos used to justify martial rule.